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'''Mining Economics'''
'''The BiblePay Healing Campaign (5% of the GSC budget):'''
'''The BiblePay Healing Campaign (5% of the GSC budget):'''

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Height 123,000 - June 2nd, 2019

At this height, we would like the entire network (users and sanctuaries to upgrade). Note: Do not upgrade before block 123,000 if you are a sanctuary - as Evo governance is not compatible with this monthly superblock. Regular miners may upgrade before 123,000, but please do not upgrade your controller wallet before 123,000 except for testing only (as the Evo controller wallet will not be compatible with BiblePay Classic sanctuaries). At height 123,000 our exchanges will go into maintenance. (Note: the mandatory Evo cutover height is 123,200).

After height 123,000 - Between June 2nd and June 9th, 2019

At this time we would like all sanctuaries to upgrade to Evo in non-deterministic mode. Since we have changed our lockup requirements to 4,500,001 per sanctuary, we ask you to re-lock every sanctuary in your cold wallet, start them, and test them (verify they are started and in the sanctuary list).

Height 124,000 - June 6th, 2019

QT (Quantitative Tightening) is enabled. GSC's are enabled. The POG campaign and Healing campaign are enabled. At height 124,200 a GSC contract will be emitted.

Height 124,400 - June 10th, 2019

At this height our exchanges will come back online.

Height 125,000 - June 11th, 2019

At this height ABN is enabled with a 256,000 ABN weight requirement. Anti-GPU is enabled.

Height 129,150 - July 2nd, 2019

At this time we would like all sanctuaries to upgrade to deterministic mode (using the upgradesanc RPC command, to be explained in detail). This height is after our June superblock pays out. (The reason we require a two-step upgrade is to preserve backward compatibility during the month of June with classics block structure).

Height 135,300 - August 2nd, 2019

We enable Dip3 (deterministic Sancs) meaning we no longer support non-deterministic sancs on the network. All non-upgraded sanctuaries after this height will not be paid rewards.


Self compiled nodes

Note that our github repository has changed! Please switch to: https://github.com/biblepay/biblepay-evolution

Please see this guide to compile BiblePay:


Sanctuaries and Watchman-on-the-Wall

Note that Watchman-on-the-wall is being retired! This means that after you upgrade the core wallet software, you do not need to install or upgrade Watchman. You may remove watchman-on-the-wall once you re-lock your sanctuary to the new 4,500,001 collateral requirement.

Windows QT

See https://biblepay.org - please see the top level "Wallet" menu for both 64/32 bit downloads.

Linux/ARM/Arch/Daemon/MAC OSX

See https://biblepay.org - please see the top level "Wallet" menu for downloads.

PPA Repository/RPM packages

Due to the unavailability of the Boney-Lynn-Shacham elliptic curve component (that is used in Dash-Evolution) in PPAs, at this time it is not possible for us to compile a release for our PPA/RPM repository. We apologize for the convenience. Our Dev team is *actively* working on the problem and we will make a forum post and discord announcement the moment this changes. In the interim, our plan is to release binaries for most popular platforms and deploy these to the top level menu of biblepay.org. Please notify us if you find it impossible to run a binary for your distribution.

Moving Your Wallet

Due to the new support of compact blocks and HD wallets, BiblePay has moved the data directory location for BiblePay Evolution. This means that you must move your wallet.dat file (before or after) you upgrade to Evolution. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are erroring on the safe side.

How do I move my wallet?

The old wallet location per OS:

Windows: %appdata%\biblepaycore

MacOSX: /Library/Application Support/biblepaycore

Linux: ~/.biblepaycore

New Wallet location per OS:

Windows: %appdata%\biblepayevolution

MACOSX: /Library/Application Support/biblepayevolution

Linux: ~/.biblepayevolution

Please copy your "wallet.dat" file from the old location to the new location and restart. Then confirm your balance exists. It is *highly* recommended that you keep a copy of your wallet.dat on a backup device and/or a flash drive and off-site for disaster recovery.

Note: The biblepay.conf file is still named biblepay.conf. It will be located in the new Evolution data directory above.

Contents of biblepay.conf

gen=1 (if you want to mine, this is the default, gen=0 if you do not want to POBH mine)
pool=  (Copy the same pool mining settings from biblepay-classic).

Getting started with Evolution

Getting started guide:


What are GSC's:


Mining Economics


The BiblePay Healing Campaign (5% of the GSC budget):


What is Street Healing:


About Spiritual Warfare:


How to upgrade a legacy Sanctuary to Deterministic:

! NOTE ! Do not do this until after block 135,000 as this is for July 2019 - after Evo is up and running for 45 days:


How to create a deterministic sanctuary from scratch:

! NOTE ! Do not do this until after block 135,000 as this is for July 2019 - after Evo is up and running for 45 days: