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Definition of End-Times

I have received this question: "What do you mean, when you refer to us being in the end-times?"

What I have discovered is we have general confusion in the most basic sense of what we are even referring to as "last days", "last times", "end-times". When I ask people if they believe we are in the end-times, I actually do not mean "in the church age" or "in the last dispensation", but I specifically mean "in the latter part of the last generation on Earth that will live to see the rapture, living right before the New Millenial Kingdom is ushered in".

I realize in "1 John 2:18" (Little children, it is the last hour, you have heard the antichrist shall come) has led some Christians to believe that the end-times is any date after John wrote revelations (or during Jesus' post-resurrection appearances), but I contend in my humble opinion, that John was taking into account "Behold I come quickly - Rev 22:12", and warning us that in the last hour (IE people in the last dispensation - do not have much time to get ready), thereby warning us of the Antichrist to be coming, and those with him living in the new church-age, the blessed age of the gentiles, should anticipate Jesus' return; However, I maintain that it was not clear to the apostles the future church age would be 2000 years long.
Another words, I believe the apostles didn't sit in the upper room and figure out that from Adam to Abraham and Abraham to Jesus was 4000 years, and didn't yet comprehend that Daniel 9 points to 62+7 weeks to the destruction of the Temple in 70AD.

But, it is more clear now to us last-days Christians that other parts of the bible, more complicated prophecies are now being fulfilled or ready to come to completion. So my question to people is specifically, are we the last generation, the generation that will not taste death?

Being asked for a scriptural basis that makes a distinction between "the last generation" and "the church age", I provide the following. First, the disciples asked "What shall be the sign of thy coming and the end of the world - Mt 24:3"?, with Hosea 9:10 referring to Israel as the fig tree: I God found Israel like grapes... "as the first ripe in the fig tree at her first time...". Jesus answered: "This generation shall not pass away until ALL these things are fulfilled". (Mt 24:34).
How long is a generation? Psalm 90:9 (70 years avg, 80 years strong - The days of our years are thresscore years and ten...).

The major fulfillment marking the Last Generation The Restoration of Israel occurred May 15 1948 (71 years ago). This major sign fulfills Ezekiel 38 - as Israel was clearly scattered around the whole world, God drew his chosen people back to the land of Israel and they are now living in peace and safety.

Lesser signs

The following is a chart of lesser signs, and when combined - form a strong indication of "The Season" of God's Return:
Imminence Of Jesus