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BiblePay would like to provide the ability for corporations to brand a custom made (OEM) wallet and infrastructure. This expands our partner network, improves trading liquidity, keeps costs low and efficiently provides more net blockchain services to the world for a cheaper cost per transaction.

What Benefits do I receive as a Corporation

You receive turnkey whitebranding, meaning you can go live in 30 days. You save thousands (to hundreds of thousands) of dollars on expensive blockchain programming (normally required for design, implementation, genesis, deployment, github, compiling, releases, and infrastructure). You save thousands on creation and maintenance for block chain explorers, web sites, pools, nodes, seed nodes, and partners. You save thousands (to hundreds of thousands) on exchanges, exchange integration, exchange maintenance and listing requirements. You save thousands on concise consultation paths as we will provide what is necessary to get started from a c# and c++ perspective, and to maintain your branch. And finally you receive expertise sorely needed in maintaining a working branch into the future (from the foundation of Bitcoin, Dash, BiblePay, and of course the principles of Jesus).


You may choose either A) Turnkey, or B) OEM Fork.

Turnkey White Branding

The turnkey option provides these pros and is suitable for most corporations needs and has the lowest cost per transaction:

You choose the logo, slogan, images, branding, coin ticker, company name, and currency symbol.

You choose the exchange rate multiplier (a satoshi multiplier from 5 to 10 zeroes).

You receive a custom branded core wallet (this allows your users to send and receive your currency symbol), see your logo, see your company name.

The users will not see BiblePay when they send or receive currency, however the wallet will be functioning using our existing infrastrucutre (when nodes are listed as peers, BiblePay connected nodes will be named "DAC" nodes).

Your block height will be our block height, our miners will mine for your wallets blocks (meaning security will already be in place).

You may optionally purchase a genesis block package (this involves buying N biblepay on the exchange during the go-live).

Depending on your multiplier, this genesis fund will be used to fund your own internal (you set the frequency) campaigns. For example, if you purchase 1 million BBP, and use a 100 multiplier, your ecosystem will be set to receive 100 million XYZ rewards over time. This replaces the wallets currency emission model. In this case, your 100 million would be called your "money supply". The "money supply" emitted would be zero, and the Max money supply would be 100 million as of a certain target date.

NOTE: In the Turnkey model, you will use c# to emit the frequency payment rewards. Any emission model can be created, for example, paying interest to those who staked collateral from your OEM wallet within the last 24 hours (this comes from the genesis fund), or rewarding those who submitted a custom solution to your server for a business problem, or a flat subsidy for running the wallet, etc.

Other uses of our wallet, from the corporation home office standpoint, will be to pay corporate payroll, or cryptocurrency expenses (your internal programmer will write services to issue frequency payments to your vendors). With our turnkey model you only have to write high level c# code to do this.

The con of the turnkey model is that you will not be able to change the mining algorithm (our nodes will mine using randomx) nor can you change the proof-of-distributed computing algorithm. However, you will receive help from us to re-brand our mining pool to your company name automatically, meaning, the turnkey model *can* mine, and the mining will be OEM branded.

You will share in the ability to be listed, trade, and be seen on our exchanges (pending approval)! Pending approval, we will seek to offer a program to honor your ticker on our exchanges, and this will provide our liquidity and an instant value add - to trade your ticker publically.

Our infrastructure will be whitebranded for you: explorer.biblepay.org will be branded to work from yourcompany.dac.org with your logo. Our pool will be branded to work from yourcompany.dac.org with your logo (so that randomx miners may mine under your company name).

This will give you an entire set of services, available to you in a turnkey fashion.

Additionally you save thousands on electricity costs. And as you may know, we donate 10% of our randomx-pool-mined coins directly to orphan-charity, so you are helping us make the world a better place.

Fork White Branding Option

The Fork option empowers your organization to clone our repository, following an easy step by step guide, releasing a clone of BiblePay, under your company name.

The primary benefit to the fork option is you will gain the ability to mint your own coins.

You get to dictate how many coins will be created over the entire schedule, and you get to change the mining algorithm to suit your specific needs.

This will be valuable if your company has a specific niche use case, for example, solving a proprietary computer problem that takes lots of work, and you want the network to perform the work.

The cons to forking include: You will need to find your own cryptocurrency exchange, negotiate the listing, run your own block explorer, run your own forum (if necessary), and generally know more about the blockchain to be able to support the branch that you have created.