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The BiblePay Healing campaign is an optional campaign for Believers who want to make a big difference in the world by physically affecting others in a way that bears real Christian fruit.

The first goal of this campaign is for us to go out in the real world and bear fruit. That means going out and Spreading the Gospel, Healing the Sick, Casting out Demons, Conducting spiritual Warfare campaigns, or praying at loved ones request(s).

This guide explains how BiblePay allows you to participate in this campaign, log activity and be compensated also! Note that at the time of this writing, the Healing campaign pays 5% of the daily GSC budget.

PART A: Create CPK

Ensure you have a Christian Public Key. This is your unique identifier that allows diary records to be credited to your account which will earn you points. If you have not created a CPK yet, do the following from the RPC console (The rpc console can be reached by clicking on Tools | Debug):

exec cpk nickname

Where nickname is your preferred nickname. Don't worry, if the nickname is not available, it will throw an error.

PART B: Join Healing

Ensure you have joined the Healing campaign. To join:

exec join healing

PART C: Learn Spiritual Warfare

Count the costs.
Read the wiki associated with Street Healing and Spiritual Warfare before attempting this activity.
We do not want to see anyone hurt personally (by demonic attacks) if you are not ready.
NOTE: This step does not involve working with BiblePay - this is merely a summary of what you will do out on the streets: Do what you do best. If you are a healer, pick certain days of the week, go out with a notepad, and keep notes of who you prayed for, what their name is, what affliction they had, what level of progress was made (IE level 8 to 1), and a summary.
If you are in a spiritual Warfare campaign, head to the prayer closet, conduct spiritual warfare, then make a note of this as a diary entry (and at what time, and what purpose).
If you have been called to pray for a sick family member (IE in a relatively important circumstance), make notes of this. Or if you went out and shared the gospel boldly, make a note of this.
If you baptized someone, this is equally important. You may log it as a Christian diary entry.

PART D: Write Prayer Diary

How to Enter this in BiblePay.
From the QT wallet, click Send. Click the "Add Diary Entry" checkbox. (The amount of 1 BBP and the foundation address will auto-populate). In the Diary Entry textbox, type in a summary of what type of activity your diary is for and what you did and when you did it.
For example:

Thursday-Healing:We visited Walmart and encountered Jodie K, and prayed for her kneecaps (she had pain level 7).  After praying 5 times, pain level dropped to 0.  She hugged us.


Thursday-Warfare: Prayed for all demonic strongholds to be broken in America for 15 mins at 7AM.