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Testing BMS (BiblePay Middleware System):


Thank you for testing with us.

1. Install the BiblePay-QT (Develop) Testnet wallet:
Windows v.
- Please ensure the version is or greater.
If you have Mac or linux, please see the OP post for download links.

2. Ensure you have a CPK (Christian Public Keypair)

exec cpk your_desired_nickname (IE exec cpk Ralph)

3. Although we have a CPK with a nickname, we decided to allow a web user to configure a specific nickname for web browsing and web purchases (to be explained later). Please register a web browsing nickname:

exec register your_desired_web_nickname (IE exec register Ralph)

4. Ensure you have Testnet Spending Capital to fund your public-spending-address:

Ask someone in the testnet thread for free tBBP. Ensure the tBBP is aged to 6 confirms before continuing to the next step.

5. Fund the DSQL (Decentralized SQL server) with some tBBP (IE about 10,000 bbp would be plenty for a while).

exec funddsql amount

6. Navigate to the Decentralized web, to the home page:

From the QT wallets left toolbar menu, click the Decentralized Web icon. (Ensure you are running the QT wallet as non-root, otherwise the browser won't launch). From the web browser that launched, verify that you see the "Biblepay Decentralized Web". And a left pane menu.

Note: During the first launch of the decentralized web, your QT wallet will communicate with the browser, letting it know your public-funding-address keypair - this is not sent to a sanctuary or to DSQL - this is sent to your browser's local storage. This will be used later for web authentication and web purchases.

Click Home.

Verify the DSQL Balance is a credit amount (of the same amount you sent).

Note: It may take a few minutes for the payment to be processed in the server, so you may click Home again and retry.

7. Verify your web browsing nickname is correct on the home page.

8. From the home page, click Update Avatar.

Choose an image. (You can download any image from the web, save to the local drive). Use this image as your avatar, etc.

After you save the image, you should wait or do something else for a minute or so.

Navigate back to Home after about a minute or so, and verify the avatar updates. This demonstrates both DSQL, a transaction debit, and BIPFS and RDNS.
We will cover the image debit soon.
Moving on to voting for a Christian Object (Note: Your balance must be below zero to continue through the next steps):

Voting on a Gospel Link: Click Gospel Links | Gospel Link List
You may sort the list by any column (to keep the row on the same page), if necessary. Right click a row and Upvote or Downvote (remember the old "Vote" value when doing this). Now navigate away for a minute or so, and navigate back and verify your vote 'registers'. (It takes a little while for the decentralized vote object to propagate).

... More to come ASAP ...