2019 Q1 Roadmap Update

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2019 Q1 Roadmap Update

BIBLEPAY ROADMAP MILESTONE DETAILS - QUARTER 1 - 2019Helping over 105 Orphans Globally
DeveloperMilestone NameMilestone NotesMilestone DeadlineMilestone Progress
MIPBiblePay Evolution - Dash Rebase Propel BiblePay core wallet to include all the latest features of Dash Evolution June 30th, 2019
MIPMobile Wallet Enhancements

Add Ability to Tithe to churches, Add Ability for Mobile POG Mining

June 30th, 2019
BhavaniEnhance core QT wallet proposal charts Add sum of proposal by Expense Type June 30th, 2019
Rob AndrewsIPFS DNS Server Add ability for Core to query IPFS DNS record and find the decentralized IPFS server to pull business object from,

improve regional IPFS QOS, add IPFS SWARM key.

March 31st, 2019
Rob AndrewsDeploying POG Finishing TestNet POG debug round, integration with Prod, and release mandatory to Prod. March 1st, 2019
Rob AndrewsWalmart API integration with BiblePay Integrate Walmart API with pool.biblepay.org to allow purchasing of specific items from the store using BBP June 30th, 2019
Rob AndrewsIPFS Letter Writing System

Provide ability to Add, Edit or Delete orphan letters in Biblepay-QT.

June 30th, 2019
The SnatCreate BiblePay-Central Web Site Create a site that summarizes proposals, block explorer information, provides support tools, and POG leaderboard. July 31st, 2019