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How to update the Biblepay Configuration file on Windows:

Open windows Explorer (Click Windows Start Key | From the SearchBar: Type 'Explorer' | Click <Enter> on Explorer).

In the Explorer application, Navigate to %appdata%\biblepaycore (Paste the UNC in the Explorer Search Bar Text Box)

Look for a file called "biblepay.conf" (In windows, the conf extension is hidden, but you should still see biblepay as a filename with an icon for the default program that will open that file, such as notepad).

Open the file for editing. (Note, if windows asks you for a default program, use notepad to open the file).

Adding an Entry to the biblepay.conf file

To Add a Line to the biblepay.conf file, for example, if you wanted to add the switch debug=true (this means switch name debug equals the value true):

Type the following into the file:


Save the File.

Restart the wallet.