Promotion Dec 2017

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To claim your free 250 BBP as a New User:

    Please follow these steps:
  • Read about the coin first on
  • Then learn how to mine for orphans. See, Click on Mining Guides. Download the mining guide for windows or linux and read about mining. (Also, we have a forum where a lot of users post and blog about BBP, you can learn a lot about the inner workings here:;topicseen#new )
  • Create a pool account here:
  • Verify your E-mail address by logging into the pool, then going to Account | Account Settings | Click Verify E-Mail.
  • Once you are verified, you may request a coupon code by going to: Account | Account Settings | Request Coupon Code.
  • Be sure you have a wallet downloaded and running before proceeding (you must have the desktop wallet).
  • From the windows or linux biblepay-qt wallet, copy your Receiving address into the clipboard (File| Receiving Addresses | Pick One | Right click | Copy To Clipboard).
  • Paste your receiving address into the pool Account settings | Receiving Address | Save.
  • To redeem your coupon, Copy the Coupon Code from your E-mail, then go to the Faucet from the pool, and paste your coupon code into the faucet Coupon Code field. Ensure your BBP address is populated also. Click Send Funds.