Concept Rapture Alert

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Concept: Rapture Alert

By, Rob Andrews, and Togo

Ability to Find Christian Camps during times of distress:

  1. In Biblepay-QT, Provide a Map of Biblepay User Longitudes & Latitudes (of the nearest street corner for anonymity)
  2. On the map, Provide a balloon popup that shows the User Handle, Location, E-Mail, Receive Address and Testimony Body
  3. Provide an exportable list of Christians by Distance (From Zip) RPC report

Ability to Add a Biblepay Christian Contact Record into the chain:

  1. Add a UI so that a user may add: User Nickname (Handle), Email Address, Receive Address, Longitude, Latitude, and Testimony Body

Ability to Send Payment via Handle or E-mail in QT Wallet

  1. Once records exist in the chain linking receive address with handle and e-mail we can add useful features like sending BBP via 'handle' or 'e-mail'

Rapture Detection (By Daniel):

  1. Create a Dead Mans switch in BiblePay by monitoring the network for updates by humans, and when they cease to exist trigger the Dead Man Switch
  2. At the Trumpet Call, the app may send notifications to all Christians (e-mail addresses) containing accurate Gospel Messages, Scope of Alert, Testimonies, Videos, Audio Files and Photos