2018 Q3 Roadmap (Stratis Update)

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Milestone NameMilestone NotesMilestone DeadlineMilestone Progress
Daemon SyncSyncing Biblepay Genesis Block in StratisJune 2nd, 2017
Port BiblehashPort AES512, GetBibleHash, BibleMD5, GetBibleHash business logic (spork heights), chained verses, KJV bible class - kjv.cpp, test by syncing blocks 1-129 (hung up on custom prayers field)June 15th, 2017
Port custom prayers field The prayers byte array has some business logic not in stratis; this has been resolved up to block 31,000.

We are hung up on a block with 120+ transactions around block 32,000, something is wrong with the hex conversion.

July 2nd, 2017
Consensus Rules

Not Started (this allows Biblepay to follow the depreciation schedule and send the correct block payments).

December 31st, 2018
SQL Integration LayerNot Started. This allows syncing block, transaction, governance, and UI data from the Key-Value pair to the SQL database, and provides ANSI-92 queryable interface for users, and a database layer for the UI. December 31st, 2018
User Interface Proof-of-conceptProvides an easy to use user-interface similar to bitcoin-qt.

(Not started). NOTE: This deadline is not for a full-ui, it is for a proof-of-concept UI.

December 31st, 2018
PODCProvides the ability for sanctuaries to assess magnitude, and provide data for superblocks. (Not started) June 18th, 2019
GovernanceProvides sanctuary payments, sanctuary voting, proposals, budgets and superblocks. (Not started) December 31st, 2019